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Consumers expect more convenience via your web site, blog, social media, email & messaging apps. Established in 2004, eFraud Prevention™ helps companies increase fraud prevention resources to create more engagement and help satisfy evolving consumer expectations.

People make mistakes everyday. Mistakes that involve sending a push payment to a fraudster or an account takeover due to a phishing scam can be costly for everyone. Consumer education is the only proven method to help people make less mistakes. Our research shows that financial institutions manage on average, 8 fraud safety topics. Our education portal has the 80 topics needed to complete every consumer awareness program.

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Social Responsible - Giving Back

Early on, eFraud Prevention™ recognized that its services could also help communities working on the problems of fraud and identity theft, from senior citizen scams to phishing to ATM skimming. Since most people can't afford our products and services, we created the Community Awareness Initiative to offer them at no cost. We accomplish this by distributing our services through financial and higher education institutions.

Importantly, eFraud Prevention™ doesn't differentiate between paying and nonpaying customers, allowing local government, law enforcement, public schools and non-profit organizations access to the same services offered to our paying clients. As such, we are part of the new generation of social entrepreneurs.

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