Technology does not prevent human mistakes.

You also need a solution that helps people make less mistakes. As the trusted advisor, we'll expand your reach and help you create smart, security minded people. We provide fraud prevention in a way that reaches every demographic in all the ways technology is used today.

How we compare with other fraud awareness services:

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eFraud Prevention™

Best Practices:

Technology Alone Won't Prevent Fraud

Fraud incidents continue to rise as people are still making mistakes that could easily be avoided.

Today's trends require a new approach that anticipates, recognizes and services everyone's individual needs. Technology does not prevent human mistakes. You also need a consumer education solution that helps people make less mistakes. As the trusted advisor, you can expand your reach and create smart, security minded people.

While there are many excellent web sites that provide expert guidance, it doesn't always make sense to link to them. For example, while there are many government web sites that provide excellent fraud safety advice, it doesn't always make sense to link to them from your bank or credit union web site. For most financial institution web sites, visitors never venture past the web site home page. The challenge is to get visitors deeper into a web site and to keep them on the site longer. So why would have external links that lead visitors away?

Demonstrate your expertise

If your medical doctor's web site provides external links to the WebMD web site, who would you consider the expert, your doctor or the WebMD web site? This is also true for your financial institution. If web site visitors are sent away to external web links for fraud prevention advice, who looks like the expert?

Don't link to your competition

While many government sites provide useful content, they can also bring your customers and members to companies that directly compete with you. For example, the National Cyber Security Alliance web site,, links to web sites that directly compete with banks and credit unions. This includes recommending Capital One 360 as the best free checking account and Ally Bank as the best free savings account for 2017. Why would you want to direct your web site visitors to your competition?

If you are the expert or trusted adviser than you should provide web site content that is generated from within your organization.

Create a security minded work force on all relevant fraud schemes and scenarios. Fraud schemes can significantly impact your organization's reputation and expose it to criminal or civil liability, or result in a financial loss. Today, there are more opportunities than ever for criminals to disrupt your organization.

The daily activities for persons responsible for fraud prevention continue to increase. These include:

  • Reviewing email alerts
  • Attending training seminars
  • Researching web site articles
  • Googling for information
  • Reading trade journals

With thinner budgets and more resources required for technology upgrades, outsourcing your fraud awareness is the future.

How fraud prevention benefits your organization within your community:

  • Promotes the security benefits your online and FINTECH services
  • Imrpoves SEO and web traffic
  • Reduces staff workload
  • Creates goodwill
  • Affordable for any size organization
  • Visitors stay on your web site
  • Increase service value
  • Increase loyalty
  • Reputation safeguard
  • Reduces fraud loses & ID theft
  • Helps you respond faster
  • Demonstrates your expertise
  • Increases engagement
  • Content never becomes outdated
  • FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC, NCUA and other regulatory support

Reduce the number of victims within your community and in doing so create goodwill towards your organization.

efraud Prevention, LLC has recently launched an awareness initiative with the goal of preventing fraud throughout all communities within the United States. We would like to work with your organization in connecting our fraud education services to the municipalities, schools, non-profits, chambers of commerce, charities, senior services and media organizations within your community. Your organization would be the community link and administer the free offering of our consumer education services.

As fraud has become a part of life, consumer education is the one proven method that keeps everyone safer. By increasing awareness we believe we can do more to prevent the spread of fraud in our daily lives.