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eFraud Prevention™ was established in 2004.
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eFraud Prevention™, LLC started in 2004 as a spin off from an established Internet consulting firm. Our knowledge of the Internet and the world wide web began in 1995 and continues to the present day. All our consumer education articles are written in-house by our experts and are free for our clients to reproduce, distribute and display. In addition, no attribution to eFraud Prevention™, LLC is required when reproducing, distributing and displaying our consumer education articles.

eFraud Prevention™, LLC attends industry workshops, consults with industry peers, reviews blogs, publications, white papers, newsletters & web site articles from a wide variety of sources to maintain continued education and learning. eFraud Prevention™, LLC does not copy or redistribute any text or images contained on these sites. Sites we review include:

Government Agencies:

  • FederalTradeCommission
  • DepartmentofHomelandSecurity
  • DepartmentofCommerce
  • U.S.DepartmentofEducation
  • U.S.DepartmentofState
  • ConsumerFinancialProtectionBureau
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Federal DepositInsurance Corporation
  • Information Assurance Support Environment
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • United States Postal Inspection Service
  • Various Offices of Secretary of State
  • UK's National Reporting Centre for Fraud


  • SANS Institute

Sites we link to in our news feed:

  • Fraudavengers.org
  • Scambusters.org
  • Esecurityplanet.com
  • CSOonline.com
  • BetterBusinessBureau
  • Securityfocus.com
  • Security.intuit.com


  • Intuit
  • Kaspersky
  • ZoneAlarm

eFraud Prevention™, LLC provides two news feeds with fraud headlines and alerts. These news feed are a free service that is part of the eFraud Prevention™ suite of services. The fee paid to eFraud Prevention™ is a service fee to securely manage quality and relevant fraud prevention content, develop content, host the eFraud Prevention™ portal on secure servers, maintain the servers and develop online learning quizzes.

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