Demonstration of features

Here you can view, save, or download the eFraud Prevention DEMO.

Product components & benefits:



We can help your financial institution provide support and resolution efficiently across various channels (voice calls, text, email, messaging apps, website and more).

Web Content

Automated Awareness

Includes 82 unique topics with more than 1,230 tips that you can use for: web site articles, fraud alerts, BLOG articles, employee intranet, customer education seminars, printed materials, handouts, brochures & social media posts.

Respond Faster

Real Time News & Alerts

Data breaches and other time sensitive fraud news happens daily, our service is updated daily when news and alerts are fiirst published. Helping you to stay out in front of the latest fraud headlines.


Facebook Tab

Security tab for your Facebook page. The eFraud Prevention™ Facebook tab is added as a feature to your Facebook page - alerting and educating consumers about the most current fraud risks.


Twitter Content

We manage 80 fraud awareness topics that you can use to share with your Twitter followers.

Monetize Fraud Support


More than a service channel, fraud prevention resources become as an effective sales platform, increasing the usage of your services.



Our service is ADA Compliant and satisfies the consumer education recommendations from FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC, NCUA and other regulatory agencies.


Community Outreach

Reduce the number of victims within your community and in doing so create goodwill towards your organization.

Launch faster

Launch Faster

With no IT requirements, our services can be integrated within a matter of minutes.


Corporate Reputation

Safegaurd your good reputaion in an era of constant cyber attacks and data breaches.

Respond Faster

Respond Faster

It may be a skimming incident at someone else's ATM or your brand name used in a phishing scam. No matter what the situation, you need to act fast and respond with good information.


SEO & Web Traffic

Fraud prevention related keywords rank high in search analytics. Our service has an embed feature to help you get more web site traffic.

Use Cases:


We make it simple to get everyone to pay attention
and stay smart about fraud prevention.

Your customers & members have questions about ID theft, data breaches, scams and hacking. We offer an easy way for you to provide them with the best answers so they feel safe and stay safe.

Our multi-faceted approach will transform your fraud awareness outreach to create greater consumer engagement and less financial crime to investigate.