With thousands of scams being created everyday, fraud has become part of life.

Everyone needs to be vigilant and stay educated to keep safe.

You deliver the
consumer education

(get the thanks)

We create & keep
it up-to-date

(do the work)

Together we make a difference.

Fraud Prevention as an important part of your communication

You can provide the best education to prevent fraud. Your consumer education never becomes outdated, is managed daily by eFraud Prevention™ and delivered by you. You'll discover that by using our educational tools, you will make a difference.

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Great content at your fingertips

For credit unions, banks, e-tailers, government, colleges, universities and business organizations, all the eFraud Prevention™ education materials are included for you to use. Save time with valuable content that is always current and could be used as an internal one-stop resource for your staff or as part of the education section for your Web Site, Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest Board, Mobile, Print and Lobby materials.

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Interactive learning

Interactive learning for your customers & continued education for your staff. Online learning includes a wide range of topics for individuals and small businesses.

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